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Alia shawkat dating jack antonoff

Dunham directed the new video for the aforementioned Lorde collaboration, "Don't Take the Money," and it features another familiar Hollywood face — Alia Shawkat.She plays a skeptical marriage officiant, presiding over Antonoff's maybe she's bi, or gay, or maybe she just wanted to have a cute photo Is she "serious" about it or just talking about "hot men"?' Cause lesbians (and gay men) usually make commentaries of the opposite sex (Ellen, Jodie Foster, NPH) but it's more of a "trying to be cool" thing.In 2007, Shawkat started dating Jack Antonoff of Steel Train.

Funnily enough, Lena Dunham, who’s Antonoff’s real-life girlfriend, directed the video, which shows the singer preparing for his big day.

Jack Antonoff, the singer-guitarist behind Bleachers, plays the dumbfounded groom at his own backyard wedding to a woman he can't communicate with in the new video for "Don't Take the Money." The video begins with the cavalier officiant, played by Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development, Search Party) asking Antonoff – in his decorous New Jersey backyard – whether he's sure this a good idea (subtext: it's not).

Lena Dunham on ' Girls' End, T-Swift and Being Blamed for Hillary's Loss "As much as I've loved my job I'm excited to let somebody else be the poster girl for white liberalism," says HBO show's creator From there, "Don't Take The Money" spirals from the mail-ordered bride cliche.

Shawkat officiates the ceremony, which is attended by a bunch of pink mannequins, tiny kids, and really cute puppies.

Before Shawkat gets through her remarks, the wedding is crashed by Antonoff’s wife-to-be’s ex-lover, who then proceeds to violently beat him up. The two end up running away together, in the end, leaving Antonoff passed out and floating in a nearby pool.

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If she's serious then I guess she really is bi.

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