Christina dating dre milian common problems in dating

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Christina dating dre milian

and through research but no luck to see if my African side is Nigerian, Angolan, Cameroon etc.

Log in to Reply A lot of those women look mixed and lighter makeup and permed there hair so its hard to tell if they are all native Nigerian women with the lighter makeup and hair straighten. I’m saying with perms or wigs and all that make up they look different.

They inspired her to have fun, and she convinced her parents that she "did not want to be inside the TV", although it took some time to convince them.

As an actress, Milian appeared in the 2003 film Love Don't Cost a Thing opposite Nick Cannon.She was born in Austin, Texas, and grew up on army bases in Germany, New York, Utah, California, Arizona, and Nevada, as her father served in the US army. Her name, Ciara, is of Irish origin, and means black or dark.Ciara is married to football player Russell Wilson.She met director Joseph Kahn on an episode of Wannabes who suggested she audition for a lead role in the film Torque opposite Ice Cube.Her audition was successful, which lead to a lead role in Love Don't Cost a Thing in 2003.

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Milian was four years old when she showed an interest in show business, and when her family realized that she was a talented actress, she became determined to pursue an entertainment career.