Dating a leupold scope

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Just for the record Nikon doesn't make their scopes or lens. The last I heard they were being made in the Philippines I think.I buy lens from the same manufacturers as most of the Japanese Manufactured Scopes so I feel I can speak with first hand experience.I've been guilty of the reverse, buying a good old scope and then eventaully finding a rifle to go under it.Right now, a 6X Unertl sits on the shelf waiting...sooner or later, it will find a rifle to wear.The repair tooling and parts were purchased years ago by other repair services. will service its manufactured Redfield product (manufactured from 2010 forward) in accordance with its published warranty. Redfield product require service, we suggest contacting Iron Sight, Inc. This contact is provided for information purposes only, as Iron Sight Inc. They should be contacted directly for all information regarding repair, service and associated charges.he Leupold & Stevens factory in Beaverton, Ore., just west of Portland, stands on the far edge of a grassy, wooded hill at the end of a long, curving driveway, and the distance from the public street to the front door is just far enough to put one of their popular riflescopes or range finders to the test.Might look nice on a period rifle from the '40's or '50's, though. Are mounts out there to find, will have to search the parts dealers and the specialist sites. PErsonally, I like keeping the time frames straight..rifles with period scops just look "right".

ho wod you sight it in , what was the quality of these scopes and do they hold any value now and where could i locate a mount for one thnaks jim You have a Balvar 8A, I believe- the 8B was the first B&L with internal adjustments.

If at any time in this two year period, the electronic components are found to be defective due to issues with materials or workmanship, we will, at our discretion, repair or replace the product, free of charge.

Detailed information regarding date of purchase may be required.

My visit encompassed the entire production process from beginning to end and included a review of their state-of-the-art recycling program.

Each year, Leupold uses enough raw T6061 and T7075 aluminum that, if laid end to end, it would stretch from Beaverton to Chicago.

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If you stay within the same price range it doesn't make much difference what you buy if it is an import. Rapoport wrote: # I'm looking to put a scope on my Savage 110FLP.

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